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BOMBSHELL REPORT: Mueller Lead 9/11 Cover Up, Now His History of Protecting Radical Muslims Is Exposed

Democrat Robert Mueller is in the hot seat with the revelation that he somehow played a hand in the 9/11 attacks.


Liberals demanded a special counsel investigation against President Trump which is being lead by former FBI agent Robert Mueller. While no evidence against Trump has been uncovered, many other things have been. Aside from the major discovery of severe bias against the President from investigators Peter Strzok an Lisa page, Robert Mueller has also been implicated under several counts and now the those include conspiracy surrounding the terrorist attacks in 9/11.


According to Christensen:

“The misleading statements, issued by FBI officials in Miami and Tampa, were made within days of a September 2011 Florida Bulldog story disclosing the existence of the investigation and reporting that Congress had been kept in the dark about it.

“The statements sought to discredit the story, asserting that agents had found no connection between the Sarasota Saudi family and the 9/11 plot. In fact, the FBI’s own files contained at least three reports that said the opposite: that agents found “many connections” between the family and “individuals associated with the terrorist attacks on 9/11/2001.” The FBI released those reports later amid continuing Freedom of Information (FOI) litigation brought by Florida Bulldog.”

Where does the corruption end?

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