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BREAKING: Contacts On Anthony Weiner’s Laptop RELEASED; Hillary FUMING…

The whole situation with Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton and Anthony Weiner is one of those things where after fully delving into what exactly happened there you would be hard pressed to find someone that would trust the three of them to water a house plant without messing it up somehow.

It’s as if someone were to have made a pamphlet saying “don’t make the following mistakes” and they went ahead and made every single one of them in grand fashion.

Anthony Weiner certainly caused a lot of trouble for Hillary Clinton with his sexting a minor child which then exposed his laptop and emails to examination by the FBI. And that’s what caused them to relook at the case just before the election last year.

But now Weiner has inadvertently caused every one he knows trouble because the list of contacts that he had on his FBI confiscated laptop appears to have just leaked onto the internet.

Over 600 names, addresses, emails, and telephone numbers just got dumped, everyone who knew him was just doxxed. This site has checked some of the numbers listed and they are real.

The information includes the addresses and phone numbers from politicians to media personalities, from people such as Hillary Clinton, John Podesta, Al Gore, George Soros to David Brock, Jake Tapper and Greta Van Susteren.

All Hillary’s phone numbers and addresses are listed as well as her emails.

But the list of his contacts if, in fact, it came from his laptop, is in the hands of the FBI.

So it would appear that someone from the FBI leaked the list if this is true. Why is not clear but it certainly is an interesting question.

Obviously, if true, the hunt will be on at the FBI to figure out who did it.

This site wouldn’t be linking to the site that has the numbers.

But it’s starting to burn up social media right now and all these people are going to need new numbers, especially George Soros.

Soros and Brock, who is behind Media Matters, are regarded as two of the boogeyman on the left and they are likely to be having a very challenging day of phone calls if the comments on social media are any indication.

There’s also a suggestion on social media that it’s not just the list of contacts, that there are more ‘laptop files’ to come.

Now that remains to be seen, but if that’s true, then there really is deep trouble at the FBI.

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