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Illegal Alien Goes On National TV And Complains: Donald Trump Is a Threat To The Way of Life in “OUR” Communities



Grease Martinez, an illegal immigrant and “Dreamer,” feels that Donald Trump is ruining her way of life.

Ms. Martinez is the director of the United We Dream Network and has recently spoke on MSNBC.

She openly expressed that President Trump’s actions towards illegal immigrants are too aggressive and threatens her and her “communities” way of life.

Has she lost her mind?

Honestly, the ones that are a threat to our way of life is the illegal immigrants themselves. Grease Martinez’s presence in America is being funded by the American taxpayers’ money, which is supposed to be supporting Americans in need, like veterans who live on the streets.

According to americanjournalreview:

Instead these ‘Dreamers’ get access to all kinds of government benefits for absolutely no reason. It’s downright criminal the way these illegals are treated with higher importance and the entitled behavior to top it off is infuriating.

Via Evening Compass:

Recently on MSNBC, the director at the United We Dream Network, herself an undocumented “dreamer”, Greisa Martinez said Republican President Donald Trump was “a threat to the way of life in our communities.”

Martinez said, “For people like myself that are undocumented and have undocumented family members, it’s been clear from day one that he wants to enact mass deportation. He wants to deport me and my mother. That is crystal clear for all of us. But this in and out and softening or not is just erratic behavior and concerning to our country.”

She added, “As someone whose father was deported eight years ago, I understand the pain that brings to communities. But Donald Trump wants to make something that’s already bad and toxic and make it worse. He has promised to increase the force by triple in the community. He has promised to deport people like myself and my families and U.S. citizen children along with them. So I think that Donald Trump is a threat to the way of life in our communities.”

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