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Judge Jeanine: ‘The FBI Needs a Complete Overhaul, a Complete Cleansing’

Pirro: The shooting could have been prevented had the FBI “bothered to lift a finger.”

Judge Jeanine Pirro is not satisfied with the way things have turned out with the Florida high school shooting suspect Nikolas Cruz.

In her opening statement, Judge Jeanine Pirro completely ridiculed the FBI, mentioning the bureau needs a “complete cleansing.” “The killing of young innocents, their teachers and coaches, gunned down at school… lays at the hands of the FBI,” Pirro said. “The potential slaughter twice reported to the FBI could have been prevented, had they bothered to lift a finger.”

Pirro even explained how Cruz put up a post on YouTube saying “I want to be a professional school shooter.” The heinous comment was reported to authorities.

Judge Jeanine then took her comments to the bureau’s feedback, saying that the agents are “working within their guidelines.” “Do the guidelines tell them to ignore school shooters?” she asked with much grievance in her voice. Judge Jeanine Pirro feels the FBI needs a complete reconstruction and is curious why they do not regret being able to stop such a cataclysmic episode from occurring in the first place.

Via breitbart:

Fox News Channel “Justice” host Jeanine Pirro took aim at the FBI in response to their failure to act on two different tips they received regarding Parkland, FL, shooter Nikolas Cruz.

“The FBI needs a complete overhaul, a complete cleansing,” Pirro began her Saturday opening statement.

She continued, “In any company or organization that runs afoul of its mission or is tainted by corruption and politics, the CEO and the board of directors would go. Likewise, the utter failure of the FBI in September and January regarding shooter Nikolas Cruz is so monumental that the same rule must apply. The killing of young innocence. teachers and coaches, gunned down in a school — a place that should be a haven in a heartless world, lays at the hands of the FBI.”

Pirro added that had the shooting could have been prevented had the FBI “bothered to lift a finger.”

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