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CNN Reporter Asked Sarah Huckabee if Trump is Being Impeached, What She Said Next Left The Room in Silence

What Sarah Sanders did next will leave you speechless.

Democrats are at it again attacking President Trump and stating he will be impeached in 2018.

We have witnessed it all, and so far all we have proven to be true is how President Trump is doing positive things for our country. He has taken charge as president and really made a difference in tax reform, illegal immigration, employment opportunities, and so much more. But the left continues on with their BS stories on how horrible he is as a leader and has done everything to destroy the U.S. 

Well in the media today, Speaker Ryan was just announced that he will not seek re-election. After the news, Sarah Huckabee-Sanders replied to Jim Acosta from CNN on his comment about Congress and other sources in the White House. He mentioned that Democrats could take the 2018 election and take over Congress altogether. What Sarah Sanders did next will leave you speechless!  

Reported by subjectpolitics:

Then, He asked if this would lead to Pres. Trump’s impeachment and her response left the room in silence.

Jim Acosta: That could potentially lead to impeachment proceedings that the Democrats could bring forward. What is the President’s thinking on that?

Sarah Sanders: We are very confident in the record that we have and the very successful first year and a half that the President has had in office. And we expect to talk about that a lot, we’d love for you guys to talk about the t a lot more too. We’d be happy to send you some talking points if you need some guidance on that.

Jim Acosta: Do you think a wave is coming?

Sarah Sanders: We certainly think we have a great story to tell and we think America will be ready to listen to that and certainly has felt the impact, certainly from an economic standpoint from this administration and we’re proud of that.

Do you think Sarah does a good job shutting down these ridiculous questions from CNN? Comment and let us know.

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