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FBI Dep Director Forced Out, Effective Immediately – Anti-Trump Cabal Cracks – Rats Run For Cover

FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe allegedly ‘resigning’ following revelations penned in the now infamous Nunes memo.

Andrew McCabe

All of America now knows that a document is in existence that if released will severely damage the reputation of the Democratic Party. This document has been dubbed the Nunes memo as it was partially written by republican Devin Nunes. The document is a summary of Nunes’ findings regarding misuse of intelligence capabilities by the FBI and Obama administration and apparently implicates McCabe to the point of a forced ‘stepping aside’ which coincidentally has been President Trump’s stance for quite sometime.

The FBI and DOJ seem to be as corrupt as liberals these days and its time the country knew the truth. #ReleaseTheMemo


Multiple sources have confirmed that FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe will be stepping aside effective immediately. McCabe has been at the center of the FBI’s attempted takedown of candidate Donald Trump and then President Trump.

The timing of his announcement cannot be ignored. The House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence has scheduled a vote this afternoon to release the four-page memo that accuses the FBI and the DOJ of using the bureau’s unquestioned authority to bury the overwhelming case against Hillary Clinton.

During both investigations McCabe was either second in charge or the acting director with full knowledge of, and having signed off on, every lawless act that was being committed to protect Hillary or to take down Trump.

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