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Anthony Weiner’s Laptop Comes Back to Haunt Hillary & FBI Brass In IG Report

In the midst of the hype surrounding the Inspector General’s impending release of the much awaited report on the FBI’s conduct in their handling of the infamous Hillary Clinton email scandal, disgraced former New York Congressman Anthony Weiner’s laptop has resurfaced to haunt the corrupt bureau.

The Associated Press reported that inside sources have revealed that Inspector General Horowitz will be releasing his report sometime in the next couple of weeks, and in the report he will be calling out the FBI for having withheld emails that were found on the laptop of Anthony Weiner.

A bunch of emails were discovered on Weiner’s laptop by the FBI during their probe into lewd messages that the former Congressman had sent to a teenager, who a the time was underage.

The watchdog group Judicial Watch revealed that more than twelve never before seen classified emails from the laptop. Classified information included the name of one CIA official.

It was previously reported that during his time as FBI Deputy Director, Andrew McCabe was aware of Clinton’s emails which were found on Weiner’s laptop. Evidence suggests that he may have known about the emails since September of 2016. McCabe didn’t notify the FBI for a whole month.

In January, the State Department published the most recent bout of emails. These emails proved that Weiner’s wife at the time and Hillary Clinton aide, Huma Abedin, was guilty of ignoring basic governmental security portal. President Trump stated that Abedin should be heading to jail.

The Gateway Pundit reports that “Inspector General Horowitz announced to lawmakers on Capitol Hill last week he completed a draft of his report on the FBI’s handling of the Clinton investigation. The report was given to lawyers to prepare rebuttals; according to Sara Carter, the final IG report should be released in the next two weeks.”

Fox News reported:

This, as Abedin herself hits the social circuit. She was seen in recent weeks living it up at glitzy events including a Metropolitan Museum of Art gala and a bash at the home of Vogue boss Anna Wintour. Meanwhile, she’s divorcing her husband, ex-Rep. Anthony Weiner, who is serving a 21-month prison sentence for sending lewd photos to a teenager.

It was the probe into those lewd messages that led agents to uncover the laptop in the fall of 2016, discovering Clinton emails that Abedin had forwarded her husband.

Then-FBI Director James Comey notified Congress in late October that he was revisiting the probe less than two weeks before the election, having announced in July that he would not recommend charges over Clinton’s use of a private email server when she served as secretary of state.

Updates will be available in the coming weeks.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Az native

    May 25, 2018 at 1:11 pm

    Its not just the emails people. It’s who Huma is? And the Clinton foundation money train ties to the Middle East. Hello.

    It’s called espionage. Treason. War crimes. Main reason that nobody wants to deal with the 1952 law which banned the Muslim brotherhood from this nation and had it been followed 9/11 would not had happened or every attack since then. The clintons brought this on our country by illegally entertaining them. The clintons have been receiving money from these nation’s enemies for years. Obama and Hillary even attempted to overthrow Egypt and Syria for the Muslim brotherhood using our treasury. How much longer is the doj going to allow these crimes to continue. This mess was all illegal period.
    This is high crimes and treason and Bush could have fixed it the day after 9/11 but didn’t. Why? The American people need to be extremely pissed because many Americans have died by the hands of terrorist who had no right to even be in our country. God I pray someone in DC does their job and secures our borders.

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