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ANTIFA seeks peace


CNN: ANTIFA Seeks PEACE through extreme Violence

In a feature story on Antifa protesters who physically assault those they disagree with, CNN lays out the narrative that the leftist protesters are driven to violence in an effort to achieve peace.
This is sick, ya’ll.

CNN: ANTIFA Seeks PEACE through extreme Violence

Delusional CNN actually featured a story stating that ANTIFA ‘seeks peace’ claiming that to be that to be the reason they’re driven to extreme violence…


CNN is trying to make terrorist groups like ANTIFA look like the saint Martin Luther King JR was when he sat in a jail cell for fighting for the rights of black citizens. This could not be further from the truth! These people are smashing windows, burning cars, and attacking Trump supporters for their cause.

And now, CNN had the nerve to claim, after already starting a race war in our nation, that Antifa seeks ‘peace’.

I think I’m going to be sick…

ANTIFA seeks peaceBreitbart| CNN concludes that the people who Antifa targets describe themselves as “alt-right” and are inspired by Trump, who they say instigated violence during his presidential campaign by calling out protesters that showed up at his rallies.

Atifa, according to CNN, claims their violence is “self-defense” against “hate speech” and people with whom they disagree. “It’s a position taken by many Antifa activists: ‘This is self-defense,’” CNN reports.

“Antifa activists often don’t hesitate to destroy property, which many see as the incarnation of unfair wealth distribution” and “sometimes launch attacks against people who aren’t physically attacking them,” CNN admits.

Scott Crow, a longtime Antifa member, said: “Don’t confuse legality and morality. Laws are made of governments, not of men,” quoting John Adams.

“Each of us breaks the law every day,” Crow said. “It’s just that we make the conscious choice to do that.”

Read the full story here…

CNN is doing its best to start a civil war. We must stop them. We must do everything we can to discredit them and call out their lies.

Antifa doesn’t seek peace through violence! They seek intimidation, control, power and the destruction of American and Western culture. 

It is time to take our nation back!

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