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After 15 Marines Are Killed In Horrific Plane Explosion, President Trump And Melania Step Up In Big Way

Former President Barack Obama and the Democratic Party as a whole neglected the men and women of our military  but that’s not the agenda of President Trump and First Lady Melania.

With republicans in office the military is experiencing a much deserved and long anticipated boost in support from the government and people with which they are tasked to protect. Both President Trump and First Lady Melania have come out with immense military support as well as VP Mike Pence.

Recently a devastating 15 Marines were killed and while this tragedy may have been brushed under the rug during the Obama administration, President Trump and his wife believe in celebrating and acknowledging our lost soldiers.


One Navy Corpsman and 15 Marines were sadly killed after a US Marine Corps KC130 plane crashed into a soybean field last night.

Leflore County Emergency Management Agency Director Frank Randle then told reporters on Monday that the 16 bodies had been recovered.

Here’s what First Lady Melania Trump sent out in regards to the tragedy.

Melania Trump

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