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Student Asks Ben Shapiro How to Stop Violence in Black Community – Left Will HATE Answer

Conservative political commentator, Ben Shapiro, was asked about a solution for Black Community’s and his response was pure honesty.

Ben Shapiro

While speaking at the University of Connecticut, Ben Shapiro received a question about a solution for the problems black community’s are facing and while some may find his answer to be stereotypical and racist,  it’s the truth, and yes sometimes the truth does hurt.

One of the main problems the black community faces is their own personal demons and while call black men dead beat dads maybe stereotyping that doesn’t make it any less true, does it?

Via IJR:

On Wednesday night, Ben Shapiro gave a speech at the University of Connecticut and took questions from the crowd. One man asked, “One of my questions is you talk about this culture between black and black violence. What is your solution, then, to that?”

Shapiro’s short answer was “don’t commit crimes” and then he added that “white people basically said to black neighborhoods, ‘Take care of yourself. If there’s high violence in your areas, then you take care of it yourself.’”

He then went on to say that “you actually need fathers to stick around.”

“One of the great tragedies of the last four decades in the United States is that the single motherhood rate has risen not just in the black community, from 20 percent in 1960 to over 70 percent now, but in 5 percent in the white community to over 40 percent now.

That’s a huge jump in both communities; young men, particularly, do need a male influence there to curb them. As a man who was once young, I can attest to this. So I think that’s another aspect.”

“There has to be some solution; you can’t just claim that when things get better, that’s racism, but when things get worse, that’s racism also. The reason that New York City has gotten better is because of increased policing”

Every race has its own battles and White people arent any better, we’ve simply learned how to channel the good and reign in the bad.

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