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Bikers Learn Marine’s Remains Were Coming Home In A USPS Box, Refused To Let That Happen

American veterans from all walks of life deserve the utmost respect and that is the goal behind one amazing organization.

The PGR, or Patriot Guard Riders, is a biker run organization that spends its time doing whatever they can for Veterans and their families, from homecoming celebrations to funeral attendance, this organization goes above and beyond when it comes to American military, firefighters, and police.

Recently, the California branch learned of the passing of Jonathan Turner and the unfortunate circumstances regarding the inability of his family to attend a funeral in California as they were located in Georgia and unable to afford the travel expenses. Turners remains were to be delivered to Georgia via FedEx which is a completely unacceptable mode if transportation for an American hero.

That’s where the PGR stepped in and decided to give this soldier a more honorable trip by lining up riders in every state between California and Georgia to receive and pass on Turners remains until he was safely back in the presence of family.

Via Shareably:

When Staff Sgt. Jonathan Turner, who served seven tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, died in California from combat-related injuries a year after he retired, the PGR was there, according to Fox 5 Atlanta.

The 41-year-old veteran’s family was unable to attend his funeral in California where he lived. So, the California PGR stepped in to ensure that Turner’s remains would make their way back to his family in a respectable manner.

“The California Patriot Guard Riders contacted all of the state captains from California to Georiga and explained the situation, that it wasn’t proper to ship this war hero home via FedEx,” Jeff Goodiel of the Georgia Patriot Guard Riders told Fox 5 Atlanta. “Within days, a convoy was assembled with each state’s Patriot Guard Riders driving Turner’s cremated remains across their state and then passing those remains off to the next group of riders.”

This is an amazing organization that clearly understands the sacrifice that comes with serving this country and has dedicated its services to giving back to these amazing men and women who protect this great nation.

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