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Breaking: Trump’s FBI Director & Solicitor General Preparing Indictments Of The ‘Untouchables’… & They Said It Would Never Happen

Liberal elite and those who helped corrupt the FBI better watch out.

Christopher Wray

Christopher Wray and Noel Francisco are two Trump appointees who know how to uphold the law with moral integrity, something liberals seem to have forgotten. With ridiculous special counsel investigations into Trump-Russia collusion being lead by the corrupt former FBI director, Robert Mueller, it is time that the republicans bring out the big guns with actual legal backing.


Very soon the names Christopher Wray and Noel Francisco will be the stars of 24/7-cable news programming. Both are Trump appointees who have compiled enough evidence to begin the prosecution of the Clintons and those in the highest offices of the FBI who protected them. And, neither man can be bought.

Politics will determine whether their investigations will be allowed to make the case for prosecuting Obama’s cabinet members who made the call to squash the evidence in multiple incriminating cases and who violated FISA court rules of evidence to obtain warrants in order to spy on the man who threatens to expose their criminally treasonous syndicate, President Trump.

Wray was Trump’s choice to replace Comey to lead the FBI after Trump became aware of how severely Comey, and his predecessor Robert Mueller, had corrupted the agency and its mission when it chose to protect the Clintons.

Wray is highly respected lawman and passed Senate confirmation by a 92-5 vote.

The vote to confirm Francisco as Solicitor General was 50-47, along party lines. That should come as no surprise because as the Solicitor General of the United States, Francisco would be responsible for conducting and supervising the government’s litigation at the Supreme Court.

In other words, Francisco will be prosecuting the case against those who corrupted the FBI and his reputation says that he will do it thoroughly and professionally to the best of his considerable legal abilities.

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