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WATCH: 500+ Muslims RIOT, Destroy Christmas Displays – Mainstream Media Is DEAD SILENT

Radical Islamists recently took to the streets of Brussels in order to riot in response to Morroco advancing to the World Cup.


Talk about your uncalled for temper tantrum.

After witnessing Morroco win a soccer match that moves them into a qualifying World Cup position, hundreds of angry Muslims filled the streets of Brussels and begun violently destroying everything in their surrounding area, this included a particular emphasis on stores whose displays were depicting scenes of Christmas. How very peaceful of them, right?

Via Silence is Consent:

Brussels: after learning that Morocco had qualified for the World Cup, hundreds of Muslims flooded the streets, broke windows, started fires, and began assaulting innocent people.

Apparently the Muslims were specifically targeting any and all Christmas displays during this violent protest.

Brussels riot

Watch Here:


Liberals can delude themselves into believing that Islam is peaceful all they want but the reality is that radicalism exists and the end result is always violence, not peace. Terrorism and oppression are literally outlined in the Quran as not only acceptable, but expected. How is Gods name can democrats continue to defend their actions with claims of religious peace? What a bunch of crap.

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