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California Gov. Jerry Brown In Tears As Brutal Truth About Deadly California Fires Gets Out

It’s time to make some serious changes to the way the laws are executed.

It has become apparent that the leftist policies and their way of running things has shifted more towards danger and painful headaches for the American people.

The complications and obstacles have become so severe as citizens’ lives become more and more at risk for danger that something must be done to change the problem, and quick.

While the concern and misfortune grows daily, we have no option but to act promptly. Tom Homan, the US immigration and Customs Enforcement Acting Director has recently made an important announcement that has shocked Americans.

Human confirmed the most unfavorable scenario possible.

From resistmsmbs:

Tom Homan recently let America know that a man who was arrested in connection with starting the blazing fire in Sonoma County is indeed an illegal Mexican immigrant. This man has already been arrested and sent back to Mexico twice before. The Left is going to have a hard time explaining their way out of this one.

Homan’s statement expressed his pure frustration as he cried. He explained that ICE had somehow missed detainer requests for the man, Jesus Fabian Gonzalez a total of FIVE times in just the last year alone. It is truly heartbreaking that these horrific fires could have been prevented.

This leaves us wondering why this man was arrested so many times. And why did no one take all of these arrests seriously enough to do something permanent about it?

As reported by thelutchmanreport:

The last detainer was issued on October 16 and was related to his arrest on suspicion of arson.

Sonoma County and the whole state of California are sanctuary areas and this is what you get. Now it should be noted that authorities have not tied every fire that ravaged the area to this man. There were multiple fires, some caused by natural causes.

The point of the whole thing is why would we risk this? A simple fire can easily become a blazing inferno claiming countless lives and doing billions of dollars in damage, just as this one did. It seems as though the Left has made their decision. They seem to think that the votes of illegal immigrants are worth billions in damage and the lives of American citizens.

Breitbart reported that Homan released a public statement reading:

“Once again, a non-cooperative jurisdiction has left their community vulnerable to dangerous individuals and preventable crimes. ICE lodged a detainer against Jesus Gonzalez with Sonoma County jail officials on October 16, following his arrest on felony charges for maliciously setting fire to a property. This is especially troubling in light of the massive wildfires already devastating the region. Over the past year, ICE has lodged detainers against Mr. Gonzalez after four separate arrests by Sonoma County on various felony and misdemeanor charges. ICE was never notified of Mr. Gonzalez’ various releases. Additionally, Mr. Gonzales has been returned to his home country of Mexico on two separate occasions. The residents of Sonoma County, and the state of California, deserve better than policies that expose them to avoidable dangers. Non-cooperation policies – now enshrined in California state law – ensure only one thing: criminals who would otherwise be deported will be released and left free to reoffend as they please.”

It is truly disheartening to learn that Liberals would sacrifice the lives of innocent Americans for some votes. We must all begin looking at the bigger picture.

We cannot allow the Left to keep minimizing the importance of American lives. It’s time to make some serious changes to the way the laws are executed.

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