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When Charles Manson Died, a Professor put his time in Jail in Shocking Pro-Life Prospective

Psychotic Cult Leader Charles Manson has died, and his absences presents the platform for Pro-life awareness.

Charles Manson

In the late 1960’s Charles Manson founded an extremist cult that later became known as the Manson family. They were responsible for the brutal murders of seven people and later incarcerated for their crimes. Manson died at the age of 83 on Sunday night in Bakersfield, California.

One professor posted a powerful response on social media that sums up the reality of Manson’s anti-life rhetoric and express the impact of a pro-life community.

Via IJR:

The Los Angeles Times reported that during the murder of Sharon Tate, the wife of movie director Roman Polanski, the pregnant actress pleaded with Manson’s followers:

Tate, 26, who was eight months pregnant, pleaded with her killers to spare the life of her unborn baby. [Susan] Atkins replied, “Woman, I have no mercy for you.” Tate was stabbed 16 times. “PIG” was written in her blood on the front door.

Manson was sentenced to death for the murders, but the California Supreme Court later declared the death penalty unconstitutional.

Mike S. Adams, a professor, pro-life advocate and Town Hall columnist, summed up Manson, the courts and the value of life in one devastating tweet:

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