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WATCH: 15-year-old CJ Pearson Unloads on Jay Z: ‘You Don’t Speak for Black People!’

Outspoken social media sensation, 15-year-old CJ Pearson, lets rapper Jay Z know how little he cares about the black community.

CJ Pearson

Many liberal celebrities have decided to use their social platforms in order to bash our current president and Jay Z is no exception.

Currently the African American unemployment rate is at an all time low to which President Trump has played a key role. Being such a monumental feat the President has boasted about the improvements happening in the black community which apparently is offensive and racist. As is everything he says or does according to the left.

Jay Z has publicly bashed the President for his statements regarding African American employment rates, but someone else has a thing or two to say about the black community and who proves that they do, or don’t, actually care.

15-year-old CJ Pearson, and boy o boy does this kid hold nothing back!

Via IJR:

So when Jay Z attacked the president for touting the low unemployment rate among African-Americans, Pearson shot back in a video, declaring the rapper, who is black, doesn’t “care about black people”:

“Let’s stop the charade, let’s stop the pretending, and let’s be honest here: You do not care about black people. Because those jobs mean a lot. They may not mean a lot to you, because of your high net worth and your amazing rap career that you’ve had, but to average Americans — average people of color across this nation — those jobs mean a lot.”

During an interview with CNN’s Van Jones, Jay Z said money “doesn’t equate to happiness” after being asked if it’s OK for Trump to make offensive comments while at the same time putting “money in our pockets.”

But Pearson argued the extra money in each paycheck matters to minority Americans.

“I understand you don’t understand that. I understand that you don’t get it. I understand that you don’t empathize with their struggle,” the 15-year-old said. “But guess what? Donald Trump does, I do, and so do millions of other Americans.”

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