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After CNN Host Called Trump a Sh*thole on Live TV, Trump Embarrassed Him & The Rest of The Media

Recently, the mainstream media has blown a gasket over President Trump’s so-called comments he made during a private Immigration meeting.

To no surprise we have yet another liberal news station bashing our President for something he did to offend the left.

Recently, the mainstream media has blown a gasket over President Trump’s so-called comments he made during a private Immigration meeting. People need to listen to the president about his comprehensive immigration strategy. Trump does not mind immigrants moving to America, as long as they do it the legal way. However, liberals will hear whatever they want.

Exceedingly expressed by the New York Times, President Trump made the comments, and it was sufficient enough for the rest of the media to trust them and go along with their babble. To completely top it off, the most repulsive part was Chris Cuomo, from CNN, take on the matter.

Via subjectpolitics:

In a long rambling segment, Cuomo bashed Pres. Trump’s comments and wrote on a whiteboard “This is who he is: Shithole.”

Reported by CNN:

(CNN)President Trump’s outrageous remark about immigration leaves us stunned — embarrassed for him and for this country.

During a meeting in the Oval Office on Thursday, Trump complained, “Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?” The Washington Post first reported on Trump’s comment and CNN has confirmed it.
The President was griping to members of Congress who were in his office to discuss a possible bipartisan immigration compromise. According to sources, he was referring to immigrants from Haiti and Africa. And just in case it escaped anyone what Haiti and Africa have in common, Trump reportedly suggested that America should bring more immigrants from countries like Norway — one of the world’s whitest, blondest, richest nations.

Cuomo was bashing Pres. Trump’s alleged use of the word “Shithole” in a private meeting.  But what he wrote on the white board would read as if he is calling Pres. Trump a shithole.

CNN tried to clear things up, Tweeting out that Cuomo is from an immigrant family and that he was expressing his disappointment, but we all know what Cuomo was doing. But it wasn’t just CNN.

MSNBC Contributor Donny Deutsch compared Pres. Trump to a Nazi and called him evil. Joe Scarborough accused Pres. Trump of having Dementia.

President Trump responded this morning with this Tweet destroying the media for their sick lies. 

Kellyanne Conway also took to the airwaves fight back against all these lies. She joined Chris Cuomo for an explosive interview that’s going viral.

At one point, Cuomo tried to say that a wall wouldn’t stop any drugs from going across the border… and Kellyanne embarrassed him.  But she didn’t stop there.

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