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CNN Panel Goes Bad When Anchor Asks Participants Their True Thoughts on Trump Investigation (Video)

CNN took its cameras to Iowa to see what middle America thinks about Mueller’s work… and the responses didn’t make CNN happy. Not. At. All.

CNN has found itself in a pickle these days.

After a surprising get-together with some average Americans, CNN is in complete disbelief about the way Americans feel on the Investigation into the fake “collusion” among President Trump and Russia.

Now for over a year or so, the far left has been praying for special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation to give them a lead to prove President Trump “colluded” with Russia in some way during the 2016 presidential elections.

The fake investigation has only dragged its feet with no results to prove a thing. Just a big fat waste of time. And despite it all, the left-wing CNN News outlet has been hoping that the Mueller investigation would also bring down the POTUS.

Well think again…

Via allenwest:

So, to see what real America thinks of this wonderful investigation, CNN took its cameras to Iowa to see what middle America thinks about Mueller’s work… and the responses didn’t make CNN happy. Not. At. All.

CNN’s Martin Savidge talked to the group of Iowans on Monday and found that they had serious doubts about the investigation.

“These voters trust Trump,” Savidge said incredulously as he introduced the segment, “but they do NOT trust the Russia investigation.”

The four voters CNN spoke to said that they simply don’t trust the FBI.

“You think that the FBI has a political bias in this case,” Savidge asked as all four said “no” nearly in unison.

But Trump voter Kevin Slaman carefully pointed out, “It’s not the FBI, it’s the leadership of the FBI that has politicized this.”

Mr. Slaman went on to say that the politicized leadership of the FBI has decided that they don’t like the normal rules the Bureau has to play by, so they are changing the rules in order to get their preferred, politicized outcome.

The others readily agreed with Slaman’s assessment of the FBI’s motives, much to Savidge’s shock and horror.

The four also didn’t feel that President Donald Trump has done anything to derail Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation.

As Daily Wire reported:

Vicente Javier, a former baseball player, called the investigation a “political witch hunt from the get-go” and a “disgrace.” When asked if he had faith in the FBI, Javier responded, “Hell no. No, absolutely not.”


That isn’t how it’s supposed to go. Why, CNN wants the country to love Mueller’s investigation and to be waiting with bated breath to be handed the “proof” that Trump needs to be impeached.

Savidge ended the piece sadly remarking that Trump voters across the country feel “the Russia investigation is nothing more than a political scheme, that was fabricated and now is being perpetuated by Democrats and others who simply can’t accept the fact that Donald Trump is president.”


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