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Uproar and Boycott Threats Explode As Company Rolls Out “Baby Daddy” Greeting Cards For Father’s Day

Just in time for Father’s Day, American Greetings steps in it big time with it’s new “Baby Daddy” card.

What a wonderful way to celebrate the sperm donor who enjoyed the act of making a baby without all of the responsibility of sticking around and raising it!

The card was quickly removed from the company’s website on Thursday as well as from Target.

What’s even richer is it features a black couple on the front and inside this wonderful message: “You’re a wonderful husband and father—and I’m so grateful to have you as my partner, my friend, and my baby daddy!”

The urban dictionary defines baby daddy thusly:  “The father of your child whom you did no marry, and with whom you’re currently not involved.”  The words “Baby Daddy” and “husband and father” should not be included in the same sentence.

“Baby Daddy” like so many words in our vernacular has been used so often we are desensitized to its awful meaning.  According to the CDC, 73% of black children are born out of wedlock. This is not to say there aren’t fatherless households in other racial/ethnic groups. White people: 29%.

American Indians and Native Alaskans: 66% and Hispanics: 53%. It’s not cute, clever, funny or worthy of anything but disdain.

These kids grow up without a male role model in their lives, but that’s o.k. right?  After all, we wouldn’t want children (particularly boys) being exposed to toxic masculinity!

Who would want to poison their children with something “toxic”? Having a Dad in the house is almost as bad as lead paint!  Just think how toxic a Dad playing catch with his son can be, or a Father having a tea party with his daughter is.

Next thing you know, A

merican Greetings will do a line of cards that thank Fathers for leaving the home and not being involved in raising their children.  “Thanks Dad for abandoning us!” or “Thanks Father for your DNA deposit.  Now, hit the road!”

Maybe to make up for this ignorant slip, American Greetings can do a line of cards called “Hey Jerk Weed” for Father’s who chuck responsibility out the window and make babies with numerous women without responsibility.  Here are some of the lines they could include:

“Hey Jerk Weed, you missed your son’s first step.”

“Hey Jerk Weed, your daughters’ first words were ‘Dada’.  It’s not because of you.  It’s just easier for a baby to say it rather than ‘Mama’”.

“Hey Jerk Weed, you are missing the most blessed and powerful moments a person can ever experience.”

“Hey Jerk Weed, our son just got a $25 million NFL contract.  I’m sure you’ll wanna come around and make up for time lost, but that ain’t gonna happen.”

Families have changed.  There are kids being raised with two Daddies and two Mommies, but there is NOTHING wrong with a married Mom and Dad raising their kids.

There is NOTHING wrong with traditional gender roles.  Not to say there aren’t great parents who are committed to one another and their kids beyond the straight, nuclear family, but despite the media portrayal of the family this includes most of us.

American Greetings has since said, “We should do better in the future, and we will.”  I wish I could say the same for all the “Baby Daddies” out there.

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