Hollywood Liberal T.J. Miller Beats Up Uber Driver For Supporting Trump


Why is it that liberals are the ones that commit the assaults on people for not agreeing with them on their political views. Yeah, and they are the ‘tolerant’ ones. HA! Well, Hollywood actor/idiot T.J. Miller decided to beat up his Uber driver because..go Trump! Cops were called and Miller was arrested and we walk away shaking our heads…yet again.

VIA| Now this was an honest look at what leftist, elitist celebrities really would like to do to Trump supporters… Not all leftists, but the childish kind, sure. Just stick a little alcohol in them and they’ll be ready to slap around an Uber driver who supports someone of something that they don’t agree with. It’s that simple.

Miller got off the hook easy, but how many stories of outright assaults do Trump supporters have to take before the media stars taking them into account? Trump’s San Jose rally during the election saw mobs of leftists come out and assault folks who were there to attend in peace. Sacramento saw the anarchists come out of the woodwork, and cause mayhem. Those are YOUR people, media!

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