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If Your Doctor Asks if You Have a Gun at Home, Here’s What to Say

Liberal doctors desire to ‘protect’ citizens from firearm violence by questioning patients as to wether or not they have a gun in their home.

Doctors visits always include the question of wether or not anyone smokes in the home, and do you feel safe at home. Answer, yeah I feel safe at home BECAUSE I have a gun. Democratic doctors believe that they are somehow qualified to determine if a gun owner is needed to be reported as his behavior indicates that instability exists and therefore the owning of s gun is dangerous and needs to be reported by them to a third party in order to prevent firearm violence. Sounds like yet another attempt to restrict citizens from their RIGHT to own a gun.


Doctors are asking a new question, “do you own a gun in your home?”

In the state of Florida, Governor Rick Scott signed a law back in 2011 that would ban all doctors from questioning their patients if they owned firearms or not. Some leftists doctors still think it’s a great idea, because they are trying to “protect” people from themselves.

The Washington Post reported on the study:

“Firearm violence is an important health problem, and most physicians agree that they should help prevent that violence,” wrote Garen J. Wintemute, a public health expert at the University of California Davis and co-author of the paper, in an email to The Washington Post. In the literature review, which doubles as a call-to-arms, the authors conclude it is neither illegal nor unreasonable to ask patients about gun safety.

“No federal or state law prohibits doctors from asking about firearms, counseling about their use, and — when there is imminent risk of harm — disclosing information to others who can help,” Wintemute said. Several states have mulled statutes similar to Florida’s, but none of the proposed bills have passed.

As there may not be any state of federal laws that prevent this question from being asked, it should also be pointed out that there’s also no state of federal law that requires me to answer.

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