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Yet Another Young Teacher Charged With Having Sex With Three Of Her Students

Once again the American public is hearing about the inappropriate relations between teacher and student, Erin McAuliffe has some serious explaining to do.

25-year-old Erin McAuliffe was an educator at a prep school where she taught high school aged students. Not too long later allegations of sexual relations with students began to circulate and McAuliffe was fired and shortly later arrested.

This is not a new story to occur and America and one can’t help but question who’s at fault? Obviously the teacher being in a position of elder and therefore more mature behavior, some of the blame has a clear place. But what about the establishment and the members whose bright idea it was to employee an attractive 25-year-old to educate students nearing the age of 18 knowing full well the stereotypical nature that’s bound to occur?


Police launched an investigation into Erin McAuliffe in May after officials at Rocky Mount Preparatory called them to report allegations of misconduct against the teacher.

Erin McAuliffe

Detectives with the Rocky Mount Police Department conducted interviews with students and staff at the school, which has 1,300 students from kindergarten to 12th grade, before obtaining a warrant for McAuliffe’s arrest this week.

According to police, the math teacher’s alleged sexual encounters with the three students all took place off campus.

Erin McAuliffe

McAuliffe was held in the Carteret County Jail on $20,000 bond pending her first court appearance scheduled for June 12, reported WITN.

School administrators at Rocky Mount Prep said that the 25-year-old educator was fired on May 4, a day before police were tipped off about her alleged dalliances with minors.

Hiring young attractive women, or men, to be in close contact with children on the verge of becoming adults is obviously a bad idea, I mean honestly why employee the temptation at all?

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