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After ESPN Attacked Him For Months, Trump Got Best Revenge Ever During College Football Championship

Well, President Trump finally got revenge last night!

Last night President Trump was treated like royalty when joining the College Championship game.

As the Commander-in-Chief walked onto the field for the game, a roaring ovation came crashing down. Trump took his place and stood before the soldiers during the playing of the National Anthem. Much of America was in awe over the fact that ESPN showed the President receiving cheers, especially considering the networks efforts in attacking him every chance they had months before.

The liberal network however, made another repulsive move as they scheduled a repugnant anti-Trump rapper named Kendrick Lamar to perform on the field during the halftime show, despite President Trump’s presence at the Championship game. To top it off, the elite TV personality Jemele Hill called President Trump a “White Supremacist” multiple times, but still has full backing from liberal ESPN/Disney CEO Bob Iger.

According to subjectpolitics:

Well, President Trump finally got revenge last night!

According to Fox Sports Radio Host Clay Travis, ESPN asked President Trump to come on Live TV for an interview during the game… and he turned them down!

Instead, President Trump interviewed with a local Alabama radio broadcast. He wasn’t going to let Liberal ESPN use him for ratings after they’ve been bashing him for months. Instead, he helped out a local Radio station who is respectful to Pres. Trump and his supporters in the heartland.

As usual, President Trump gets the last laugh. Travis, who was attending the game also confirmed that President Trump got a standing ovation, in case ESPN tried to alter the sound.

Here is the moment where President Trump walked out of the tunnel, flanked by proud soldiers on both sides. WATCH this and you can hear the thunderous applause and even chants of “USA, USA!”

It’s clear why President Trump seems to enjoy the College Football atmosphere versus the anti-American anthem kneeling in the NFL.

Watch him proudly sing the National Anthem with his hand firmly on his heart, surrounded by patriotic soldiers. SHARE this on Facebook if you stand with Trump against the lying media!

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