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Trump on track to be first president in decades to skip California visit in initial year

Donald Trump’s love for all gold things does not extend as far as Golden State California apparently.

Donald Trump’s love for all gold things does not extend as far as Golden State California apparently.

With less than a year in the White House, Trump is about to become the first president in over sixty years to refuse to visit California. He is also planning on skipping any intensions to take Air Force One to the country’s most dynamic and authoritative state.

Trump would rather avoid the reminder of the minimal 31% of California voters who voted for him, while 61% of the citizens decided they were with Hillary. If you can recall, this lead to Clinton receiving over 4 million plus voters and 55 electoral votes from the state alone.

Since the 2016 Election, President Trump has noticed California is “out of control,” and has been at the front line of the states and programs going against his policies.

“It’s hard to imagine an environment less alluring to him right now than deep-blue California,” mentioned Dan Schnur, a known professor at USC’s Annenberg School of Communications and former Republican. “He’ll get here eventually, but we probably shouldn’t hold our breath that it’s coming anytime soon,” Schnur pointed out.

Reported by foxnews:

President Donald Trump is reportedly set to become the first president since Dwight D. Eisenhower 64 years ago to skip a visit to California during his first calendar year in office.

Trump doesn’t appear to have any plans see the Golden State, one of the country’s most populous and economically well off states, before he marks his first full year in office on Jan. 20, the Los Angeles Times reported Wednesday.

Trump lost California by nearly 30 points and more than four million votes to presidential runner-up Hillary Clinton. Though past presidents have made it a point to visit California, even without winning the state in the election, Trump has labeled the state has “ground zero for the resistance,” according to the LA Times.

Before his inauguration, Trump alleged there was “serious voter fraud” in California as well as in Virginia and New Hampshire. He did not provide any evidence to back up his claims.

California has been on the forefront of states and organizations fighting back against Trump’s agenda, including his bids to restrict travel for immigrants from certain countries, repeal and replace ObamaCare and rolling back federal environmental protection regulations.

Since taking office, Trump has mostly visited friendly red states. The LA Times noted that Trump has only visited eight of the 20 states Clinton picked up during the election.

Eisenhower, the last president to skip California during his first year in office, ended up visiting the state in his 13th month – February 1954.

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