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Florida church warns at every door ‘we are heavily armed’

In the wake of yet another church shooting, one Florida church is letting the public know that they are packing heat.

The River at Tampa Bay church is the whorship and fellowship center for a thousand local residents and its pastors have no problem defending their congregation. Mass shootings are occurring around the country at any venue that houses a substantial amount of people, such as a church and gun free isn’t helping anyone. The pastors for The River have decided that not only will their church NOT be Gun free but it will openly announce its support and use of fire power.

Tampa bay church

Via Fox News:

The River at Tampa Bay Church regularly broadcasts its services live on social media, and in the wake of the Texas church massacre where 26 people were killed, a leader of the congregation made a splash on social media when he posted a photo of the sign.

“Welcome to The River at Tampa Bay Church — right of admission reserved — this is private property,” it reads. “Please know this is not a gun free zone — we are heavily armed — any attempt will be dealt with deadly force — yes we are a church and will protect our people.” The message is signed “The Pastors.”

Associate Pastor Allen Hawes told FOX 13 Tampa the sign has been up for over a year at the non-denominational church, but garnered attention after Senior Pastor Rodney Howard-Browne posted it on his Instagram account.

Hawes has his own concealed-carry weapons permit, and said those armed during services that draw over 1,000 could include parishioners with concealed-carry permits, private plainclothes guards, or uniformed deputies hired for security.

Liberals believe gun control is the problem, in reality the problem is the one holding the gun.

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