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Before Florida School Shooting, This Is What The Muslim Broward County Sheriff’s Deputy Was Saying

There have been a lot of double standards coming in from the left after the Florida shooting last week.

There have been a lot of double standards coming in from the left after the Florida shooting last week.

The sheriff of Florida county where the shooting took place recently has come out against President Trump. After Trump made the suggestion of arming teachers, the County sheriff said he does not believe teachers need to be armed but “teachers should teach.” But this is exactly the problem with the country. Israel had made the comments after CNN’s Jake Tapper asked him a question about the decision to place armed deputies in schools.

Now, the Broward County Sheriff, Scott Israel is advocating on the media for gun control after the shooting at the Stoneman Douglas high school that took the lives of 17 innocent people. His goal is to come out against people having the right to protect themselves at schools and against arming teachers. However, while he is claiming teachers and staff should not have the right to be armed, his deputy, Nezar Hamze, a lead of the local CAIR, is teaching mosque members how to protect themselves, and how to be armed in response to an active shooter.

Via americanewscentral:

Israel has been a long-term gun control advocate and an apparent supporter of Democrats. He supported Hillary Clinton and was part of her leadership council in Florida. He also had pictures taken with Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders.

“I don’t think teachers should be armed. I think teachers should teach,” Israel has said.

“When someone walks through that door, they don’t want to debate. They want to kill you,” Hamze explained

From Fusion:

As part of a comprehensive safety plan, he urged mosque leaders to put together a safety and security council, consisting of members who have concealed carry permits who are on the site at all times. Attendees should also consider buying guns for themselves and their homes, he suggested.

A man in the crowd asked if being a Muslim gun owner might send the wrong message to the world, in a time where Muslims everywhere are acutely aware of being stereotyped as being violent.

“Are you gonna be more worried about that, or are you gonna be worried about protecting your family?” Hamze responded. “The minute we start thinking past that, we lose.”

The broader message Hamze was trying to get across was that Muslim-Americans need to step out of the “victim mentality,” and start using their rights to protect themselves—including the right to defend their loved ones by force if necessary—though he underscored the fact that guns should only be used defensively.

And here are some trainees who were part of the article who appear to use evil rifles like AK-47s.

So here’s the question, Sheriff Israel.

Sounds like great advice to protect one’s rights.

Why is it good for mosque members to protect themselves but not teachers and staff to protect themselves and kids in a ‘soft target’ like a school?

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