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Gold Star Family Phone Call Released, President Trump was NOT Insensitive

President Trump was telling the truth about gold Star Family phone call that liberal congresswoman, Frederica Wilson, claimed was grossly inappropriate.

Mainsream media outlets have been aggressively covering the story of alleged insensitivity by President Trump while speaking with the widow of a fallen soldier. Liberal congresswoman from Florida, Frederica Wilson, took it upon herself to fabricate a story that accused President Trump of handling the phone call in an extremely poor and tasteless manner and the media outlets gobbled it right up. Unfortunately for them, the widow in question has decided to release the entirety of the conversation to the public and it looks like once again liberals are caught in a web of lies.

Gold Star Family

Via Resist MSMBS:

Frederica Wilson has taken to calling herself a rock star for intruding on a private moment between President Trump and Gold Star widow Natasha De Alencar whose husband was killed in Niger.

Wilson first claimed that she had listened to the whole phone call and then backtracked and claimed that she only heard President Trump being uncaring by saying “your husband knew what he was singing up for.”

Yesterday, Chief of Staff General John Kelley, himself a Gold Star father, explained to an embarrassed press gaggle how even that, in context, could be part of a sympathetic message to grieving next of kin.

But wait, the Florida congresswoman was lying about even that!

Now the Gold Star wife has decided to release a video of the phone call she received from President Trump offering his condolences and there’s not a hint of those supposedly indelicate words that Fredericka has accused the president of saying.

Watch Here:

Democrats simply can’t win if they fight fair and so the results are crooked and corrupt politicians who are literally willing to do whatever it takes to fake their way into office and then use and abuse their power to ultimately manipulate the public into believing without actually seeing any evidence.

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