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CLANDESTINE Group Of ANTI-TRUMP Federal Employees Includes JUDGES In “Secret Society” That Used Drug Cartel Inspired “Burner Phones” To Communicate [VIDEO]

“corruption at the highest level of the FBI”

Fox News conducted an interview two days ago with Martha MacCallum.

During the news show, Trey Gowdy had some compelling information to share over a collusion.

Apparently, Gowdy’s bombshell covered the manifestation “bias against President Trump” and what seemed to be collusion among former FBI director James Comey and President Barack Obama. Throughout their conversation they discussed an “update” on what seems to be an investigation on Hillary Clinton’s email case.

Via 100percentfedup:

Representative John Ratcliff tweeted about the thousands of text messages they saw between FBI agent Peter Strzok and his mistress, DOJ lawyer Lisa Page, including messages that referenced a “secret society”:

Yesterday, Senator Ron Johnson (WI) told FOX News about the alleged “secret society” mentioned in the FBI agent’s texts, calling it “corruption at the highest level of the FBI”. The Senator also mentioned an inside informant that has been working with Congress. He also reminded viewers that since Robert Mueller used to run the FBI, he is in no position to run an investigation into this kind of conduct.:

According to the True Pundit: Congressional investigators and intelligence veterans have uncovered a clandestine group of anti-President Trump federal employees who have reportedly been working to sabotage the President of the United States, according to Congressional and federal law enforcement sources.

On YOUR dime.

This isn’t just any rag-tag group of disgruntled employees complaining at the water cooler at the post office. This ‘secret society’ wields serious clout: the type of power that can investigate enemies (see Mueller vs Trump) or take others down (see Flynn).

According to intelligence officials, this secret society really is a collection of different sects, stemming from the FBI downward through various branches of government, picking up ant-Trump members along the way. And these are powerful people with the ability to punish folks who cross them.

Who belongs to this secret society?

FBI agents gone rogue against Trump in favor of Barack Obama’s agenda who are linked to the many investigations into FBI corruption

Federal judges
Federal prosecutors
Retired FBI
Possibly one sitting Attorney General of a large U.S. state
Possibly former Attorney General(s) of the United States

They communicate with meetings over cocktails, at homes, via encrypted chat rooms, texting on drug-cartel-inspired burner phones, and even via an email list, according to sources. Others have secured phones in the names of relatives to try to stay under the radar. 

The Deep State at work.

FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe is at the center of the FBI’s group, according to sources. The embattled McCabe, although minimized in his current role, reportedly participated in or green-lighted offsite gatherings of FBI brass in recent months to fend off growing scandals linked to his name and remain employed.

These are FBI executives responsible for the oversight of the Bureau. And while Director Christopher Wray is by title in charge of the FBI, he simply has struggled to maintain control of the agency, sources said. McCabe associates, scattered in FBI field offices throughout the United States remain loyal to McCabe and Comey and their way of doing things.

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