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Happy Holidays: Report Cites Bloated Paychecks, Bonuses for Govt Employees Funded by Taxpayers

Federal employees have some extremely good news ahead of them for the upcoming year.

Happy holidays from the POTUS!

Federal employees have some extremely good news ahead of them for the upcoming year.

President Trump has signed a new order increasing pay checks for Federal employees. An announcement was made called “Mapping the Swamp,” which describes in detail a bureaucracy addressing bloated paychecks. To top it off, government employees will have tremendous incentives and benefits.

The website called initially reported the news. This site includes a self-described mission to “post ‘Every dime, Online, In Real Time,’ of federal, state, and local government spending to provide transparency for smart government.”

According to breitbart:

Open The Books is a function of American Transparency, a public charity that refuses government money and “[presents] hard data without policy recommendations,” in order to “enhanced public discourse with delineated facts.”

The cover of the report features quotes from both Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and President Ronald Reagan. It poses three essential questions: “Should the federal government reassess its payroll priorities?” Second, “is it necessary to maintain an expansive and costly bureaucracy?” Finally, “Does a large and widespread federal workforce facilitate good government?”

Inside, the report details the roughly $1 million per minute that taxpayers spend on the $136 billion in pay and benefits to federal workers — over $20.6 billion of which is contained within the Washington, DC “Beltway” alone. Recent years have reportedly seen a marked increase in large payouts, with 165% more federal employees making more than $200,000 a year, and 406,960 making at least $100,000. These findings prompted Open The Books to dub $100,000 the “minimum wage” for government employees.

The most-paid man in the federal government is reportedly a heart surgeon at the Department of Veterans Affairs who is bringing in $403,849 annually, while the largest bonus was reportedly $141,525 paid out to a human resources manager at Presidio Trust in San Francisco. The aforementioned surgeon makes more money than President Donald Trump himself. The average worker takes 10 holidays off, 13 sick days, and 20 vacations days — and up to two full months of vacation, after three years’ employment.

Federal employees are currently expected to receive a pay increase as part of an order signed by the POTUS.

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