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After Handing Out Bonuses, HomeDepot Co-Founder Scorches Dems: ‘You Don’t Have any Brains’

Home Depot Co-Founder offers brutal response to Democrats disapproval of GOP’s new tax reform.

Home Depot

With the American economy on the rise thanks to President Trump, liberals can’t help but complain about, well everything. This, of course, includes the new tax reform that democrats are claiming to be ‘only beneficial to the rich.’ Well the ‘rich’ have spoken and it looks like these tax incentives are allowing companies to ‘spread the wealth’ as it were, and this is a major insult to the left.

Via IJR:

Home Depot was just one of many companies that chose to reward employees with bonuses — and co-founder Bernie Marcus spoke with Fox News host Neil Cavuto about the Democrats who said the bonuses and pay raises amount to “crumbs”:

“[That] is the most incredible thing I’ve ever heard. I really actually laughed out loud. You want to talk about somebody who is off the charts and doesn’t understand reality. … It’s [Sen. Chuck] Schumer and [Rep. Nancy] Pelosi.”

“Corporations are not gonna open 14 buildings overnight! Come on, gimme a break! You gotta use your brains. I mean, Democrats, use your stupid brains! You don’t have any brains.”

Economic sense, or any sense really, isn’t a trait commonly associated with the left and their clear lack of economic knowledge as far as strengthening and growing are concerned is proof positive. Economics has always been a trickle effect and the bigger the trickle the more plentiful the bounty, savvy?

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