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KATIE HOPKINS WARNS AMERICANS Of Grave Danger Ahead: “Do Not Let This Great Country Become The United Kingdom” [VIDEO]

With wit and poise, the authoritative former Army Officer from Britain, Katie Hopkins, has a compelling warning for Americans.

With wit and poise, the authoritative former Army Officer from Britain, Katie Hopkins, has a compelling warning for Americans.

The vigorous radio and tv talk show host has recently warned the U.S. to battle against the conciliation and political correctness that is drowning America. Her concern was expressed during a sweltering speech at the David Horowitz Restoration weekend, located in Palm Beach Florida.

The British conservative idol, Ms. Hopkins, deeply moved emotionally, impressed on subject matters and issues many Americans are too frightened or even unwilling to talk about. “Look at us, let us be a warning. Be better than us. I’ve watched my country fall apart, and I want to warn others before they let their country do the same. And believe me, I love my country.”  Katie Hopkins understands how her country has fallen and is not apprehensive in any way when it comes to helping America. She knows how important it is to fight for what is legitimate and logical as a nation, and has made it clear for everyone to see first hand.

From 100percentfedup:

Hopkins reveals a horrifying story of a Muslim woman, who along with her boyfriend, was recently sentenced to prison, after a plot to behead Hopkins was uncovered. Hopkins also shares horrifying stories of multiple British citizens who have lost their lives, their limbs or suffer serious scars, as a result of acts of jihad against them by Muslim immigrants in their homeland of  Great Britain, after their nation welcomed them in with open arms.

“Do not allow America to fall as Europe has fallen,” Hopkins told the crowd.

Hopkins started out her speech with her usual biting and politically incorrect humor, by assuring the crowd she is not the outspoken, gay, conservative Milo Yiannopoulis. She then assured the audience that she was not gay simply because she wears her short. In fact, Hopkins calls herself a minority in London, because she’s a white, married, mother of three, telling the audience that she’s now on the “extinct list” in the UK.

Hopkins tells of the time she spent in the migrant camps in Calais and tells horrifying stories of how the workers conform to the rule of Islam, so as not to offend the migrants they are taking care of. She tells a story of a mother who dresses her young daughter as a son, so the migrant men don’t come into their tent to rape her daughter at night.  Hopkins admitted that she was “naive”, and that she quickly realized, “Migrants don’t come for a new life and leave their old life behind. They bring them with them. All the old conflicts from back home. The Eritreans hate the Somalis who hate the Afghanis who don’t speak to the Libyans. And they’re still fighting. They come, they do not start a new life, they bring their conflicts from back home.”

Watch Hopkins powerful speech here (some language may be offensive):

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