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Hypocrite: Democrat Senator Flies in Private Jet During Phony “RV Tour”

The 2016 election was about a tale of two countries: The Washington elite and flyover country…the bourgeoisie and the proletariat.

It was about the people of the country being sick and tired of being told how to live their lives by those who spend their lives doing so.

They tell us to use poison light bulbs in our homes to save energy, and they live in mansions. They tell us to drive crappy cars while they drive in motorcades.

They expect us to fly coach while they fly over us in private jets.

Case in point: Senator Claire McCaskill launches and “RV Tour” of the state of Missouri to get “close” to the people she represents. Turns out the RV drove around the state, and Claire McCaskill flew above it in a private jet.

The van was probably filled with campaign workers and interns. This is the PERFECT example of the separation between Washington and the rest of America.

Via The Political Insider:

Perhaps she doesn’t know what an RV is.

Senator Claire McCaskill, a Missouri Democrat, claimed she was “hit(ting) the road” last month, ready to embark on an RV tour across the state to meet with the common folk.

“Very excited to hit the road next week in this,” she said under an image of a pretty souped up touring vehicle. “Names anyone for the RV? We are off on a ‘Veterans for Claire’ tour on Tuesday morning.”

Instead of driving around in the RV, however, McCaskill seemingly flew a private plane instead, taking the same exact route as her road tour.

Washington Free Beacon reporter Bret Scher used crowd-sourced air traffic data to determine her private plane took the same exact path as the unfortunate staff members who had to drive around Missouri in the RV.

“The GPS-based data transmitted by McCaskill’s plane for the days of her RV tour across Missouri indicates that it was used to travel between campaign stops,” Scher writes.

Can’t imagine her plane would travel from campaign stop to campaign stop without her in it.

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