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ICE Chief: Trump Took ‘Handcuffs off’ and Now Border Crossings at 45-Year Low

However, this is not even the tip of the iceberg.. It gets better!

Thomas Homan, the acting Immigration and Customs Enforcement director, has some good news about the hard work President Trump has been putting into ending illegal immigration in America.

Homan says it is refreshing to have a man in charge who actually cares about border security and safety. His overall actions have lead to a 45-year low in border crossings thus far.

However, this is not even the tip of the iceberg..

It gets better!

Homan added, on top of the 45-year decrease in border crossings, arrests in the inner parts of the country by ICE agents have gone up a least 40 percent.

According to ijr:

Homan also told Fox News that Trump has taken the “handcuffs off” and let them do their jobs:

Homan said:

“Under this president, who’s now letting us do our job and taking the handcuffs off the men and women of the Border Patrol and ICE, arrests are up.”

He added that this explains why overall deportations are down:

“The overall removals are down because the Border Patrol has reported a 45-year low in illegal border crossings.”

And he also had a warning for self-styled sanctuary cities that don’t cooperate with ICE on deportations:

He told Fox News that sanctuary city apologists are wrong when they claim sanctuary for undocumented immigrants is humane:

Homan continued, telling Fox News that immigrant communities don’t want criminals living in their midst, just like everyone else.

“Immigrant communities don’t want criminals in their neighborhoods, either. What they’re doing is putting immigrant communities at risk. There’s no goodwill here at all.

What they’re actually doing is they’re enticing more illegal entry, more people are going to die trying to enter this country to get to a so-called sanctuary city where they think they’ll be shielded.”

Homan said he’d like more resources for ICE enforcement in sanctuary cities because when officials free undocumented immigrants, officers have to put themselves in harm’s way to arrest someone at home instead of arresting them in a county jail.

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