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Breaking: Israel Just Bombed The Hell Out Of Syria … Just In!

It’s time to take down these terrorist groups, and this is just the start.

The beginning of the end for these dangerous terrorist groups destroying the world is finally coming to fruition.

With an alluring turn of affairs, the Israeli forces have made a huge defensive move. They have just fired multiple missiles straight for the first division ammo storage based out of the western countryside of Damascus.

“Military positions” were apparently the main destination of the surface-to-surface missiles that were launched according to Syrian State television. Sources have already witnessed multiple missiles fired straight for the ammo storage area.

It looks like the Iranian military base better start packing their bags, or they are about to become burnt toast. 

According to msmisdoa:

Arab news outlet Al-Masdar News reported that some of the missiles were intercepted, however, by the Syrian Air Defense before they ever even hit the target. 

Some of the missiles that were fired at the ammo storage didn’t make it there at all. They caused ear shattering explosions between the towns of Kesweh and Sahnaya. There were other sources who did claim that the target was an alleged Iranian military base located in the Kiswah area. These sources stated that the military base was located about 8 miles from the city of Damascus.

America’s Freedom Fighters reported:

The engagement of Israeli missiles by Syrian anti-aircraft troops was confirmed by some Syrian media, although their reports claimed that they had been fired not by Israeli aircraft but rather from ground positions. According to the state-owned Al-Ikhbariya TV channel, two missiles were shot down.

There have been videos popping up on social media outlets that are meant to show the exact moment that one of the missiles fired by Israel was intercepted by Syrian Air Defense.

Syria Damascus 5 Israeli jet Missiles we’re fired and 3 were allegedly intercepted video of one of them being intercepted.”


>Syria Another Video allegedly showing Syrian Anti Air Defense intercepting one of the Israeli Missiles launched towards the countryside of Damascus.”


In the past, Israel has successfully carried out airstrikes meant to target Syrian territory. These airstrikes have been claimed to have either target positions of the militant group Hezbollah or have been used as retaliation in response to the stray projectiles that have occasionally crossed the border between the two countries and have entered the Israeli-occupied side of the Golan Heights.

It’s time to take down these terrorist groups, and this is just the start.

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