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LOL: Jake Tapper Humiliated by Stephen Miller – Panics, Cuts His Mic & Goes to Commercial Early

It was clear from the outset Miller was there to do battle for the president.

Stephen Miller, the Senior Policy Advisor in Trump’s Administration, has recently appeared for an interview segment on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

The host Jake Tapper let Miller make his tenacious and powerful points on Trump’s psychological intellect. Clearly, from the look of things, Miller was out for bloodshed and wasn’t holding back.

Miller was sure to stay steadfast and relentless about Michael Wolff’s recent book publication. The absurdity that the book portrays was something Miller could not hold to himself, and had to be clear about the ridiculous actions coming from the left.

According to deathb4selfcensorship:

CNN host Jake Tapper cut off a bizarre and fiery interview Sunday with White House adviser Stephen Miller about President Donald Trump’s mental acuity, CNN’s coverage of the administration and the truthfulness of Michael Wolff’s explosive new book.

It was clear from the outset Miller was there to do battle for the president.

Miller quickly lit into Fire and Fury: Inside Trump’s White House and blasted former White House strategist Steve Bannon, saying his critical comments about the administration in Wolff’s book were “grotesque.”

“The book is best understood as a work of very poorly written fiction,” Miller said, going on to call Wolff a “garbage author.”

From CNN:

A top White House aide called Steve Bannon’s comments in a new book on President Donald Trump “grotesque” Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union” before anchor Jake Tapper cut him off for not answering questions.

“It’s tragic and unfortunate that Steve would make these grotesque comments so out of touch with reality and obviously so vindictive,” White House senior policy adviser Stephen Miller said, referring to Trump’s former chief strategist.
During the contentious interview, Miller offered largely combative responses and focused on presenting Trump as a “political genius,” repeatedly refusing to answer questions until Tapper decided to cut him off and move to the next segment.
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