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Jamaica Is In State of Emergency

A sort of state of martial law has been declared in northwestern Jamaica and British tourists have been warned to “stay in their resorts,” as police and military forces lock down the region in an alleged crackdown on criminal gangs.

Well over 40 murders happened so far in 2018 alone in St. James, Jamaica and so the government says it is cracking down on the gangsters waging war in the area.

On Thursday, Jamaican prime minister Andrew Holness announced that the state of emergency which is basically martial law is “necessary” for the purpose of resorting “public safety” in the area of St James.

Major General Rocky Meade, the Chief of Defense said that the forces were targeting gangs, with “particular focus on those that are responsible for murders, lotto scamming, trafficking of arms and guns, and extortion.” He plainly stated “We ask that you co-operate with the troops.”

Crime from the local gangs had been intensifying in the region for the past year or longer, with a reported 335 murders in the St James parish alone in 2017. The Independent newspaper’s travel editor Simon Calder said: “Last year there were an average of six killings a week – and since the start of the year it has got even worse.”

An estimated 38 murders occurred across the island in the first 6 days of this year.

According to the BBC:

“Ms Palou, who is originally from Spain, said they were delayed by stops at military checkpoints but were able to reach their destination.

She said: “When we went out on the road, we arrived at the checks and we were let through. Soldiers felt it was fine to travel.

“It feels safe, more than usual because the roads are quieter.”

Sean Tipton, from the Association of British Travel Agents, said that hotels in Montego Bay have “very strict security” which means tourists can feel safe.

He told the BBC: “If you look at the incidents that have occurred, they have been directed at local people. “

So to take an exit from the mainstream narrative, what is Jamaica? Who does the government of Jamaica ally with, and why is there so much gang violence and criminal activity occurring in this region of the island?

For a little bit of cursory perspective, the United States is Jamaica’s #1 trade partner. You’ll find towns and cities in Jamaica are named things such as “St. James,” a nod to their history of being victims of colonialism like the rest of the Caribbean islands, Central and South America, and all the other lands that were conquered by foreign powers in the past several centuries.

After World War 2, the “colonialism” phase (which became like corporate-industrial colonialism in the 1800’s), kind of evolved into a new disguise. Then, countries were becoming allegedly sovereign and disconnected from their ruling powers, countries became independent of Spain, France, England, ect. but the military apparatus of the entire new bloc of Western power, the United States, had some work to do installing puppet dictatorships and “democracies” in Central America, South America, Asia, and all over the world.

Only a few countries in the Caribbean, Central America, and South America managed to escape the hidden hand of “new colonialism,” enforced by the military apparatus of the Western power structure that is the US military, US intelligence agencies such as the CIA, ect.

Cuba was of course one of them: and Cuba failed to be a shining example of anything resembling freedom because the government used force and coercion against its own people, so in my opinion their independence from western hegemony doesn’t mean what some believe it does.

So Jamaica was just one of those countries that mostly stayed on the side of the West. Today it’s the same thing: all of this history is necessary to know when trying to figure out what is going on here.

Today, Jamaica has a problem similiar to Mexico, with it being a major hub for cocaine transport to the US from South America.

This goes down the conspiratorial path but think about this: the US government, particularly the CIA and DEA, are tied to cocaine trafficking. People suspect they still run cocaine today.

People suspect certain cartels and forces are more in-line with the US, from the opium trafficking in Afghanistan to pure cocaine that comes out of South America. People suspect that drone strikes in Afghanistan sometimes involve taking care of the competition when it comes to the US’ activities trafficking opium. Keep in mind, this is a theory.

So would the government of Jamaica possibly have the incentive to take out the competition of the US in its cocaine trade? This is a theory founded upon little evidence, with little purpose of presenting it other than encouraging people to think outside the box, but it might be worth some research.

Either that, or the government simply had to do something in St. James to protect the regular people because the gang violence was getting so bad.

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