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Dems Say Trump is Turning U.S. Into S-hole; But Look at San Francisco!!

If you can recall, (I’m sure you can, they didn’t shut up about it) liberals lost their damn minds over the sh*thole comment last month, yet I think we can all now attest to the fact that the country’s biggest sh*thole is the liberal run city of San Francisco, California.

No, literally. San Francisco has the highest number of reported public defecting incidents, so much so that there is an actual map you can download with emoji poo’s marking all known locations. đź’©

Democrats have responded to Trump’s alleged comments with vehemence stating that he is the reason that America is becoming a sh*thole but in literal truth is, its liberals who choose to live and behave as citizens of third world countries do.

Via the Federalist Papers:

This is fascinating, because if you can gauge a “sh*thole by how much actual shitting in the street there is, look no further than leftist San Francisco.

Public defecation is so bad that there’s an app called “Human Wasteland” that allows city residents to see where the nearest human pile of poo is.

It’s a disgusting reminder of what a “sh*thole” your city can become if its run by certain people. A map charts all of the locations for human excrement “incidents” reported to the San Francisco police during a given month. The interactive map shows precise locations of the incidents by marking them with poop emojis:

San Francisco

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