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Jim Acosta HUMILIATES Himself In Singapore

Daily Presser | CNN’S Jim Acosta just couldn’t control himself. Hell, he’s never been able to control himself.

The constant disrespect he’s shown the press corp as well as Press Secretary Sarah Sanders. During the most important summit in the 20th century, Jim Acosta decided to show his ass once more.

President Trump today was enjoying one of the most significant and historical moments of his Presidency. He had somehow brought the leader of North Korea to the table to sign the most important agreement in the last 70 years for the Korean people. The President brought Kim Jong Un to Singapore to negotiate a deal between the US and North Korea. Only a year ago Korea was sending rockets over Japan and today their leader was signing an agreement with US President Trump.

Months of hard work and diplomacy were reaching their apex. The moment will go down in history. Then Fake News CNN’s Jim Acosta, the darling of the disgusting left, blurted out loudly for all to hear 

“Did you talk about Otto Warmbier sir?”

No more excuses. Jim Acosta must go!

President Trump did more for the Warmbier family than anyone else could have done. As soon as he took over the office, he negotiated for Warmbier’s return to the US. Warmbier was imprisoned in North Korea in 2016 for attempted theft.

He was tortured for a year while former President Obama did nothing. President Trump negotiated his return to his family in the US who watched him die hours later from the torture he received in North Korea.

President Trump did all he could for that family, but today the President was signing an agreement for the future of the world.

Although we do not know at this time what is in the agreement, we do know that the President’s efforts will lead towards peace in the Korean Peninsula.

This moment was historical and then Jim Acosta attempted to destroy it.

Jim Acosta should never be allowed in the White House press pool ever again. He should apologize to the President and all of America and the Warmbier family.

Shame, shame, shame on you, Jim Acosta. VIA Gateway Pundit

We happen to agree with Mr. Hoff. It’s time for Jim Acosta to GO! If CNN had any dignity left they would oust the idiot.

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