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TRUMP Tweets DACA “Deal Dead”…Rep. John Lewis Demands Amnesty Or Will Shut Down Government

Democrats like Rep. John Lewis are prepared to wage all out war against President Trump’s administration over decision to remove DACA amnesty.

John Lewis

In usual fashion, the President took to Twitter in order to announce that ‘DACA is DEAD’ as far as the current deal is concerned. In response, the Democratic Party has completely lost it, claiming that if amnesty isn’t provided to ILLEGALS then a government shutdown will commence. How can the democrats continue to believe this unruly behavior is acceptable? Threatening the President as well as American citizens for refusing to allow free loaders to access government funds and remain in the country as non-citizens is a BIG mistake. Who exactly do they think is currently running the country? Has dementia set in for the entire Party? Nancy Pelosi seems in very good company nowadays.


Conservative Treehouse reports:

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) was the Obama “executive action” that deferred deportation of illegal aliens placing them in a suspended status awaiting immigration legislation. DACA applied to ‘childhood arrivals‘.

DAPA (Deferred Action for Parents of Americans) applied to their parents and families. DAPA was determined by Federal Courts, including SCOTUS, to be unconstitutional.

A court challenge on DACA would likely find the same legal outcome as DAPA. Unable to defend DACA in court, President Trump gave congress six months to negotiate legislation to address the underlying issue prior to enforcement of existing law (deportation). The Democrat “fix” is to grant immigration amnesty to the DACA recipients.

Rep. John Lewis has said it’s amnesty or nothing:

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