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Finally, John McCain Gets Exactly What He Deserves

John McCain is a liberal spy working against the Republican Party and now everyone knows it.

Ever since Trumps inauguration, senator John McCain has been doing everything in his power to go against the President despite also being a Republican. With the announcement that the US Army has lifted its ban on mental health problems being an automatic disqualification, McCain has stepped forward in outrage and is purposely exacting revenge with the delay of Trumps defense positions nominees.


It was reported by Business Insider that John McCain made the announcement on Tuesday that the Senate Armed Services Committee could delay President Trump’s nominees for defense positions due to “dissatisfaction” with the announcement that the Army planned to offer waivers for recruits with mental-health conditions. This decision came after the Army reported that they had lifted a ban on mental-health waivers and said that they would allow people with histories of self-mutilation, depression, bipolar disorder, and drug and alcohol abuse to request the waivers.

Social media has erupted with McCains actions and many are calling for blood. Being a member of the Republican Party who seems to have zero Republican morals and beliefs is what we call a political turncoat, or a spy.

John McCain

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