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Top Law Professor: Robert Mueller Illegally Appointed to Job As Special Prosecutor

Trump is the man who will fix the issues in America, and they can’t risk allowing him to destroy their plan.

Special Council Robert Mueller is slowing falling down a huge political pit as he proves himself once again to be a total embarrassment.

In a pathetic attempt to take down the Trump administration and prove to America that the Russians were some how tied to the Trump campaign, he has proved to be incompetent in every way.

Just to make it crystal clear, there has been absolutely no proof that the Trump team had any ties with Russia whatsoever.

From msmisdoa:

This week, we were notified that Mueller may have illegally been appointed to his position. If this serves to be true, the Trump administration could fight back big time. Former Trump Foreign Policy Advisor George Papadopoulos Pled Guilty, which caused Mueller to attack him first.

It was reported by CNN:

A former Trump campaign foreign policy adviser has pleaded guilty to making a false statement to the FBI after he lied about his interactions with foreign officials close to the Russian government.
In court records unsealed on Monday, the FBI said George Papadopoulos “falsely described his interactions with a certain foreign contact who discussed ‘dirt’ related to emails” concerning Hillary Clinton.
In addition, former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort and former Trump campaign official Rick Gates surrendered Monday to Justice Department special counsel Robert Mueller.

It seems as though Paul Manafort is next on the chopping block. If this is to happen, it won’t be very good for the Trump administration.

Douglas Kmiec, a Law Professor at Pepperdine University School of Law, has made claims that Mueller may have actually been appointed illegally to his role. This would be an important piece of information for the Trump administration. Kmiec has worked under President Ronald Reagan as well as George Bush. The argument he has made is very interesting and seems to prove that Mueller isn’t fit for his position, no matter how he was elected.

LawNewz reported:

1) Mueller has no oversight

Kmiec contends that Mueller is not being properly supervised because of the “flimsy” way in which he was appointed. After all, Comey said during Congressional testimony that he had leaked a memo about Trump trying to squash the investigation in order to get a special counsel appointment. On top of that, he says, it doesn’t appear Mueller has any direct supervision. Sessions recused himself, and under the same theory, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein has effectively recused himself because of his involvement in the process by writing a memo to Trump recommending James Comey be fired. So who exactly is Mueller accountable to? If he doesn’t have a boss, then the Constitution requires that he be confirmed by the Senate like all other executive appointees.

2) President’s presumption of guilt

There is also an issue of a presumption of guilt. Most legal experts agree that a sitting president cannot be indicted.  The manner by which the special prosecutor was appointed skirts awfully close to an indictment, in the eyes of the law, Kmiec contends.

He wrote in a recent opinion piece:

The special counsel has not formally indicted Trump. But given Comey’s hair-trigger assumption that Trump was up to no good, and the way the special counsel process defines the president as a wrongdoer before any wrong is established, the investigation itself is arguably equivalent to an unconstitutional indictment.

3) There appears to be little  “specific and credible” information to open an investigation in the first place

This one requires a little backstory.  In 1988, the U.S. Supreme Court took up a case in which Assistant Attorney General Ted Olson challenged the constitutionality of Independent Counsel Act. Ultimately, the court found it did not conflict with the separation of powers. However, the law expired in 1999, and the new regulations have never faced rigorous legal scrutiny, and if they did, they probably wouldn’t meet constitutional muster.

Kmiec has explained that none of the steps he mentions are part of current regulations. He stated, “Under the expired law, independent counsels were appointed by a special three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals, but only after the attorney general conducted a preliminary investigation based on ‘specific and credible’ information about alleged wrongdoing by the president. There are no signs that in the wake of Sessions’ recusal, a constitutionally sufficient process triggered the Mueller appointment.”

The truth is that Robert Mueller is looking to destroy the Trump administration by any means. The establishment is completely on his side, and if they get their way it doesn’t look good for our Commander in Chief.

The very reason why Americans voted Trump into office is the reason why their globalist agenda will fail. Trump is the man who will fix the issues in America, and they can’t risk allowing him to destroy their plan. Let’s hope we can expose them before they completely destroy our country.

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