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Man “Tracks Down” Missing Flight MH370 With Satellite Data

Via Anon: A man from Australia is claiming that he may have finally tracked down MH370, the infamous missing passenger plane after it disappeared 4 years ago.

Using Google Earth, he says he found the missing plane which disappeared while carrying 239 people. It was traveling to Beijing from Kuala Liumpur on March 8, 2014 when it was over the Indian Ocean, and disappeared only a few hours after takeoff.

The search for MH370 constituted the largest underwater and surface searches in the history of aviation. The search involved a few different countries, including China, Malaysia, and Australia, costing about £120 million. Despite intense efforts to locate the plane, it was never found and the search was put on suspension January of last year, after 1,046 days.

The most they found so far were little pieces of debris that washed up on Indian Ocean islands and on the African coast.

However, a credible sounding mechanical engineer from Australia who reports that he has over 25 years of experience working on crash investigations, believes he has found the plane using Google Earth.

The man says that he has examined images from NASA for months, and Google Earth images as well, to try and locate the missing flight. He is Peter McMahon.

He claims that 10 miles south of Round Island, north of Mauritius the majority of the wreckage might be located, below the surface of the water. He says the outline of a plane is visible.

What he did was submit his information to the Australian Transport and Safety Bureau, and they confirmed it just might be the missing flight.

Peter said:

“Four Americans were sent to Australia to oversee the findings of MH370.

They have made sure that all information received has been hidden from the public, even our government – but why?”

He interestingly added that the authorities really “do not want the plane found as it’s full of bullet holes, finding it will only open another inquiry.”

Back in January of 2018, a company called Ocean Infinity set out a Norwegian research ship to search for MH370 in new areas.

The US company has not revealed the operation’s estimated cost or much else info, but they say the Norwegian vessel carries various autonomous submarines, to try and locate the missing plane.

Other efforts to locate MH370 have been “suspended” in the wake of this US company trying to locate the ship.

The governments of Malaysia, Australia, and China reported that if credible info was found, they would re-open the investigation.

Could a cover-up be involved with MH370? Perhaps people should start researching the individuals who died that day. A list of them can be found here.

(Image credit: engtechmagWiki)

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