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BREAKING: FBI’s McCabe OUT! One Of Three In Memo Has Been NAMED…

Nunes memo has effectively cleared the board of all corrupt FBI agents, which apparently, is everyone. Including Andrew McCabe.


Following the zilch charges of not one but two FBI investigations into Hillary Clinton’s obvious national security breach via an unsecured server, the American public can’t help but wonder how such obvious illegalities went without punishment? Such being the case, republicans decided to do a little investigating of their own which leads us to the now infamous Nunes Memo. According to a summary of findings penned by Devin Nunes, multiple FBI officials were in need of the same consequences former FBI director James Comey was presented with. A short drop and a sudden stop.


From Fox News: A source confirmed to Fox News that McCabe is taking “terminal leave” – effectively taking vacation until he reaches his planned retirement in a matter of weeks. As such, he will not be reporting to work at the FBI anymore.

Republicans have questioned McCabe’s ties to the Democratic Party, considering his wife ran as a Democrat for a Virginia Senate seat in 2015 and got financial help from a group tied to Clinton family ally Terry McAuliffe.

McCabe has also factored in other controversies, including the FBI abuse memo that has roiled Washington.

The Daily Beast reported that a GOP memo alleging government surveillance abuse named McCabe, along with Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and ex-FBI boss James Comey.

Incidentally, the McCabe removal comes after FBI Director Christopher Wray viewed the memo Sunday on Capitol Hill, as reported by Fox News’ Catherine Herridge.

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