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BOOM! Michael Savage SILENCES Trump Critics And Exposes Obama For Fascist He Was

Well said. Dreams by Americans plant seeds that grow and nurture our nation.

If you are aware of Michael Savage’s habits, you know he is not one to mess around.

Michael Savage is no fool and is known for revealing the dirty deeds coming from the leftist frauds. With a strong grip around the government, the left has had their unlimited control for decades after decades.

Boneheaded liberals are the reason for our short lived growth and loss of employment at every corner, leaving the wealth to our competitors. Leftists have taken over our towns and cities, causing little control of the masses. As they run our beautiful nation to the ground and steal the American dream from under our feet, they still have the audacity to ridicule our President for trying o repair the endless corruption that has been stacked.

From subjectpolitics:

The media was complicit in the wholesale looting of America and now they dare criticize Trump for trying to repair the damage?

It is a farce and one Michael Savage just put an end to. Thanks to Newsmax for this partial transcript of Savage’s stirring defense of Trump and his supporter while destroying Obama and his media apologists.


“I’m going to say something that you better write down because it’s noteworthy. And you’re going to agree with me one day — if it’s not today. And that is because you’re caught up in the panic, the hysteria of the times, you’re caught up in the propaganda of the fake news media and here is what I have to say on this:

It is absolutely noteworthy that Trump is even negotiating with Congress at all. For all the hysterical accusations of “Dictator!” “Fascist,” “Racist,” President Trump is actually far more cognizant and respectful of the limits of his power than his predecessor Barack Hussein Obama. Let’s not forget President Obama admitted he did not have the power to enact DACA without Congress in the first place, and then Obama did it anyway. That is the modus operandi of a sneaky dictator, not tweets that offend oversensitive people.

Democrats actually had the nerve to criticize Trump for rescinding Obama’s unconstitutional executive order and then turn around and accuse Trump of laying off his responsibilities on Congress! Pardon me, but it’s not the president’s job to legislate. He is supposed to leave that to Congress. Liberals are so beside themselves trying to undermine the last election they don’t even know what they’re saying anymore.

Now regardless of what Congress eventually does, I will maintain and do maintain that American dreamers have the right to dream first. We have an obligation to encourage this. Dreams by Americans plant seeds that grow and nurture our nation. We are the real dreamers and we are far more numerous than are the interlopers and the invaders. We, the American people who voted for Donald Trump, are the real dreamers.”

Well said. If you agree with Michael Savage spread this far and wide so everyone, especially your liberal friends, can learn the truth.

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