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After Months Of Trying To Block Trump, Chuck Schumer Finally Admits Defeat

Ever since President Trump took office, Democrats have been attempting to find all the possible avenues in which to stop Donald’s agenda in its tracks.

Chuck Schumer especially has been leading the charge in the Senate, and needless to say, he’s been a thorn in Trump’s side.

Schumer thought that he had the president right where he wanted him a few weeks ago during the first government shutdown. Chuck believed that by forcing the shutdown and using rhetoric to tell the American people that the shutdown was Trump’s fault, he could simultaneously end the shutdown, get his amnesty bill turned into law, and defeat Donald.

But that didn’t happen, did it? In fact, Schumer came out of the shutdown with his tail tucked between his legs. He didn’t get his amnesty deal, the shutdown was corrected, and he was the one to blame for the shutdown in the first place!

Now, Chuck Schumer has had to admit defeat for a second time to President Trump. This time it has to do with a presidential nominee that Schumer was blocking for political purposes.

The Daily Caller reports on this Trump victory for the American way.

“The Senate confirmed the nation’s top railroad safety administrator Tuesday after a number of Amtrak crashes increased pressure on Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, who had repeatedly blocked the confirmation in an admitted effort to secure federal funding to revamp a rail tunnel linking New York and New Jersey.”

That’s just about as convoluted as it comes. We are to understand that Chuck was holding the nation’s rail safety hostage in order to get a new tunnel built. Then he was forced to cave in and reluctantly support Mr. Trump’s nominee after some train wrecks.

Note what finally jarred Chuck into action:

“Deputy Secretary of Transportation Jeff Rosen sent a letter to Schumer Jan. 31 urging him to confirm [Ron] Batory after a train carrying a group of senators crashed into a garbage truck in Virginia, killing the driver. Rosen told The Daily Caller News Foundation that Schumer’s behavior was unacceptable considering the scourge of recent rail accidents.”

In any event, Mr. Batory is now in charge. Chuck has been vanquished in his obstruction by the collision of a train with a garbage truck.

It is terrible to realize that Schumer continued to block Batory from confirmation until loss of life occurred. How awful. It took a family’s grief for Schumer to actually admit that something needed to be done.

We pray for the families who lost their loved ones. And we pray that Democrats do not stall anything else that could become a life or death situation.

From: Daily Caller

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