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JUST IN: Mueller Involved In Huge FBI Scandal – Do You Want Him To Resign?

Former FBI Director under the Obama Administration, Robert Mueller, should be removed from all official positions in light of recent discoveries, do you agree?

Currently Robert Mueller is heading a special investigations unit into the allegations the President Trump is guilty of Russian collusion and therefore undeserving of his presidential title. It has been nine months since Trump was inaugurated and yet no evidence has been provided to support such allegations. On the other hand, we are now finding out that Mueller was aware of a different instance of Russian collusion involving the Obama administration and then Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, yet did nothing to report his findings to the public.

In what universe does a sane government allow a known liar to head any investigation? Mueller is as corrupt as they come and has a clear agenda to hide liberal scandals from the American people and therefore should be forced to resign from his investigation into President Trump especially considering its a waste of taxpayer money which is evident with zero factual support having been found.


Via World News Politics:

Before the Obama administration approved the transfer U.S. Uranium to a Russian company in 2010, the FBI gathered information about the company and any Russian participation. The bureau discovered evidence that proves bribes among other things.

However, Mueller hid the evidence, thinking they would be able to get away with it. This means that the FBI actually knew what was happening, yet it did not do anything to stop the deal.

According to a source who is familiar with the case, the Russians threatened to American contractors with kickbacks and extortion, raising national security concerns. The source also explained that the evidence was released before the Obama administration approved the deal.

Why would the Obama administration knowingly approve the sale of a dangerous substance to a Russian company that has a known history of threats and bribery in order to get what they want? Government Corruption at the highest level is the only possible explanation.

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