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NABBED: Bernie Campaign Learns Its Fate After Illegally Coordinating with Foreign Nationals

Bernie Sanders got in on the action and he just got fined for it.

It seems the left can’t put their BS to rest when it comes to Donald Trump winning the 2016 Presidential elections fair and square.

From Hillary Clinton and her minions, to Mr. Bernie himself. They cant just accept the facts and leave it be. All we have heard from the mainstream media in the last year is that Donald Trump somehow got together with a foreign entity to win the election.

But for some reason we have not seen any proof of these actions..

Hmmm, I wonder why??

Well it sure hasn’t stoped the liberal media from pushing their false narrative out of thin air to explain their humiliating loss back in November 2016. Usually when someone is guilty of a crime, they try to pin the crime on someone else? Something like that seems to be going on here, and it points directly to the Clinton campaign colluding with a foreign entity to try and take the election. She was the criminal pinning the fake stories on Donald Trump sparking the fake FISA warrants and phony Mueller probe.

Reported by americanewscentral:

On Thursday, we learned that it wasn’t just Hillary who was up to no good with people overseas in 2016. Bernie Sanders got in on the action too and he just got fined for it.

From The Daily Caller:

The Federal Election Commission (FEC) fined Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign $14,500 for accepting illegal in-kind foreign contributions from the Australian Labor Party (ALP) during the 2016 elections.

The ruling stems from a February 2016, conservative activist group Project Veritas video showing Australian nationals working for the Sanders campaign on the dime of the Australian taxpayer funded ALP.

The FEC levied the fine against the Sanders campaign in a Feb. 2016-issued conciliation agreement.

Can’t be doing that Bernie.

Here’s more.

From Breitbart:

The FEC ruled earlier this month that the Australian Labor Party paid for volunteers to fly to America to volunteer for Sanders’ campaign.

The volunteers were participating in a government-funded education program; they received $8,000 in stipends to participate in the Sanders’ campaign.

The agency found that the Sanders campaign accepted roughly $25,000 of in-kind donations from the Australian volunteers. The FEC ordered the campaign to hand over roughly $14,500 in civil penalties for violating federal election law.

If a Republican had done this the sky would fall down.

But, it’s Bernie breaking the rules so no one cares.

Democrats don’t actually care about stuff like this. They don’t actually care about Russia. They honestly don’t even really care about the integrity of our elections. If they did, they would care about voter fraud. You can’t freak out about Russia buying a few Facebook ads and then turn a blind eye to voter fraud. The hypocrisy there is out of control. For example, a massive voter fraud story broke the other day and Democrats completely ignored it.

From Washington Times:

More than 100,000 noncitizens are registered to vote in Pennsylvania alone, according to testimony submitted Monday in a lawsuit demanding the state come clean about the extent of its problems.

The Public Interest Legal Foundation, which has identified similar noncitizen voting problems in studies of Virginia and New Jersey, said Pennsylvania officials have admitted noncitizens have been registering and voting in the state “for decades.”

But state officials have stonewalled PILF requests for access to the data that could expose the problem, the group says in a lawsuit filed in federal court in Harrisburg.

That should bother every American and what Bernie did should be talked about more as well.

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