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As Trump and Melania were about to Pardon Turkey, He Stops and Dpeaks Directly to Military Soldiers

While President Trump may not be your typical politician, he seems to be handling the position flawlessly.

A great American tradition accompanies the long standing holiday known as Thanksgiving, the presidential Turkey pardon. As a truly American holiday, Thanksgiving is one day out of the year where we remember the bitter beginning and the fortuitous meeting that assisted in the formation of the great and proud nation we now know and love. Another tradition associated with Thanksgiving is Turkey, and for 70 years American Presidents have been participating in the national thanksgiving turkey pardon where the President decides to either eat or give a presidential pardon to a Turkey.

This year as President Trumps first he displayed true American leadership by taking time to get serious about the true reason we as a nation can spend this holiday freely celebrating with merriment and joy, military men and women. Without the dedication and protection of the soldiers that make up the greatest military in the world where would we be? President Trump decided to take the time to express his gratitude and address what he is thankful for this Thanksgiving and his words show the amazing leader he has become.

Via IJR:

“Before we get to the pardon, I would like to take a moment to extend our very heartfelt, special message. Thanks, folks, to the finest and bravest people in the entire world: our great men and women in uniform. The military, law enforcement, first responders — these are incredible people, so thank you.”

Trump went on to express gratitude to military heroes and first responders for spending so much time away from their families to keep the nation safe.

“This Thanksgiving, I want each of you to know that we’re forever grateful for the incredible job and for the incredible sacrifices that you and your families make in defense of our nation, our freedom and our truly great American flag.”

Watch Here:

Liberals often bash President Trump for his public speaking abilities, yet that was one of the best turkey pardoning speeches I’ve ever watched, both humorous, emotional, and most of all, thankful.

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