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WaPo ATTACKS Sarah Huckabee Sanders For Her Faith, Her EPIC Response Makes Christians Proud

Sarah Huckabee Sanders really doesn’t care much if the leftist mainstream media is out to get her. When she is attacked, she says she just focuses on GOD — something that it seems the media is lacking.

Earlier this week, The Washington Post ran with a hit piece they sarcastically called “How Sarah Huckabee Sanders Sees The World.” The tone is entirely predictable for the left-wing paper.

The article starts out with a ridiculous quote from SNL‘s version of Sanders to describe the press secretary.

“I’m no-nonsense,” says SNL’s Sanders, “but I’m all nonsense.”

The White House’s deputy press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders. MUST CREDIT: Washington Post photo by Jabin Botsford

The attack continues as the author echoes sentiments that fellow Christians “would be likely to raise eyebrows about a mother of young children taking such a high-powered, round-the-clock job.”

Their backward view of Sanders’ religion is ironic, considering the qoute Sanders gave them for the article.

“If someone says something about another faith, particularly liberals come to their defense in a raging motion, but if someone attacks a Christian, it’s perfectly fine. At some point, we became a culture that said that was okay.”

When the paper turned their attention toward Donald Trump’s White House behavior, Sanders’ quote speaks volumes about her respect for the Lord — and her disdain for media drama.

“As a person of faith, I think we all have one perfect role model. And when I’m asked that question, I point to God. I point to my faith. And that’s where I always tell my kids to look.”

When attacked, Sarah Sanders keeps it CLASSY. The media could learn a thing or two about her grace, but they’re too blind to see when they’ve been schooled by a pro.

Comment “I love Sarah!” and SHARE if you’re proud to have a press secretary that loves God.

Liberals may hate it, but Sanders’ focus on faith needs to be encouraged!

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