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Breaking News: Deplorables Gain Massive Win Over NFL

National anthem protesting has caused the NFL to take a massive financial blow, when will they get the message?

National anthem protesting

Colin Kaepernick began kneeling during the national anthem back in 2016 and one year later we are seeing the complete and utter destruction of the entire organization, National Anthem protesting has absolutely nothing to do with football and these entitled players will be the death of the NFL.

With the 2017 season reaching the end with the super bowl scheduled for February, ratings continue to slide and revenue losses are staggering.


Those who tune into watch NFL games on television has dropped dramatically in week 11. 1 million viewers have been lost as compared to last year’s average. The 6.3 percent drop has worsened from comparable declines of 5.6 to 5.7 percent in the previous three weeks.

BizPac Review reported:

The 6.3% drop represents $500 million in potential lost revenue for CBS, ESPN, Fox and NBC, Outkick reported. In the past three weeks, viewership plummeted about 5.7%, which means the cratering is accelerating.

Millions of football fans have turned off their TV sets and canceled their game tickets to protest the NFL’s disrespect of the national anthem.

Thanksgiving weekend is known for its Turkey and football, now that national anthem protesting has stained the joy, I guess Turkey will have to do.

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